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Real-time tracking

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Manufacturing Capacity

A robust alliance of 136,750 manufacturing enterprises, possessing comprehensive production capabilities. Whether it's intricate and precise components or large-scale production, we are capable of delivering with the world's lowest prices, highest quality craftsmanship, and fastest speed.

Our Advantage

Online order one-stop service, quality assurance, delivery on time, to give you the best ordering experience

  • 01
    New model - shared factony

    Join us, you will have the world's largest in- dustrial manufacturing resources,manufact- uring capacity andthe most complete indust- rial chain in theworld, you will have about 136750professional factories to serve you

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    Delivery at destination (DDP)

    The goods will be shipped directly to thepla- ce you specify, you do not need to be respo- nsible for transportation, customstaxes, etc., you do not need any importand export quali- fications, just sign for thegoods

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    Safety of tradements

    The platform quarantees the security of your transactions.and the sharing factory has es- tablished a platform credit system to prevent breach of contract and fraud in the process of manufacturing and sharing..

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    Fast manufacturing

    Whether it ismall-scaleI customization or m- ass production, we will deliver the goods as quickly as possible.Chinese people's serio- us work attitude and hard-working spirit en- sure fast delivery speed

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    Quality assurancer

    Shared-factrv has developed a set of proce- sses to make sure the highest manufacturi- ng standards are applied to every custom p- art you order. We inspect each order dimen- sjonallv and visually. bothduring and..

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    Low price

    Based on our new shared manufacturing modeland mature supply chain system, you will be ableto get the most satisfactory price to reduce yourbudget cost, and China's pri- ce advantage willsurprise you

Shared Factory

Based on 136,750 shared factories linked by deep neural network, different types of neural nodes can be mobilized to process the same batch of parts, or large-scale nodes of the same type can be mobilized for mass production, which can be visualized and tracked in real time

  • All kinds
  • Die Casting
  • CNC
  • Five axes
  • sheet metal
  • metal stamping
  • 3D printing
  • injection molding

Current number of shared factories :136,750 CNC Equipment: 36541 ,3D printing: 2895...

Cooperation Plan

When you see us, maybe your friend or colleague justneeds it, if you recommend your link to him, then youcan get 3% of your friend's consumption amount, andyour friend can also get a 3% discount.

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Online order one-stop service, quality assurance, delivery on time, to give you the best ordering experience


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Customer Reviews

Online order one-stop service, quality assurance, delivery on time, to give you the best ordering experience

Die Casting Production

I have received the die-cast part samples and am now preparing for large-scale production. We require fast production, so please provide us with a competitive price. We are interested in establishing a long-term partnership with your website. Thank you.

CNC Parts Trial Processing

I am Danielle from France, and I have never manufactured parts in China before. I decided to give it a try, and the prices were surprisingly low, which startled me. However, after our quality inspection, the parts turned out to be of excellent quality.

Injection Molding

I intend to produce this injection-molded part in large quantities around Mexico. Currently, the samples have been made by a website in China. However, I wonder if there are any manufacturers who can offer a cheaper price than those in China. Please contact me.

Metal Stamping Parts Production

I am in Italy, and I produce these metal stamping parts in large quantities. I received samples from China, and I want to ask if there are any manufacturers faster and cheaper than those in China?

Customization of Circular Parts

I am an enterprise from Germany, and I tried customizing some circular parts from this website in China. I found that both the price and quality were excellent. Now, I need to produce in large quantities, and I hope you can offer me a competitive price.